More On Offers

While browsing through the Offers, you may find several offers that start off with an abbreviation such as A7, FPG, IOG, MHFG, MID, RRG, SE, or others. Below is a list of the abbreviations and what company they stand for:

15MF: 15 Minute Flatscreen
15ML: 15 Minute Laptop
A7: Aisle #7
AFR: Amazing Free Rewards
AG: Assorted Gifts
AOP: American Opinion Panel
AR: Absolute Rewards
ARWDS: Atomic Rewards
AS: Attention Shoppers
ASP: American Sports Polls
BAR: Blue Apple Research
BARWDS: Brand Apparel Rewards
BBG: Big Brand Giveaway
BBS: Big Buck Surveys
BC: Bargain Cast
BDZ: Brand Discount Zone
BG: Better Gifts
BGC: Brand Giveway Centre
BGD: Brand Gift Depot
BLR: Blue Light Research
BMP: Big Monthly Draw
BOP: Babies On Parade
BP: Baby Place
BPC: Beauty Product Center
BPS: Beauty Product Salon
BR: Brandarama
BRG: Brand Reward Group
BRZ: Brand Reward Zone
BSP: Brand Survey Panel
BTSB: Back To School Bargains
BW: Big Win
CB: Cellphone Booth
CBNS: Consumer Bonus
CC: Club Cougar
CCTRE: Consumer Centre
CD: Choice Dealz
CE: Consumer Expressions
CFASH: Celebrity Fashions
CFCI: Centre for Consumer Interest
CFIT: Console Fitness
CFR: Claim Free Rewards
CG: Central Gifts
CGC: Consumer Gift Center
CGGA: Cool Game Give Aways
CGZ: Cool Gift Zone
CIP: Consumer Incentive Promotions
CIPA: Consumer Intelligence Panel
CIR: Consumer Incentive Rewards
CLS: Consumer Life Styles
CMP: Cool Mobile Phone
CMP3P: Cool MP3 Players
CnGC: ClipnGoCoupons
CO: Crystal Offers
COB: Consumer Opinion Bureau
COO: Cool Offers Online
COS: Customer Online Savings
COSCTRE: Cosmetics Centre
COU: Christmas On Us
CP: Cool Premiums
CP4F: Cool Phone 4 Free
CPC: Consumer Promotion Center
CR: Consumer Rewards
CRB: Consumer Research Bureau
CRP: Camera Review Panel
CRSH: Consumer Research
CRW: Cell Row
CRZ: Consumer-Reward Zone
CSC: Consumer Saving Center
CSCNTRE: Consumer Saving Centre
CSD: Consumer Survey Direct
CSG: Consumer Study Group
CSS: Customer Survey Site
CTM: Cash Tech Media
CTP: Consumer Taste Panel
CW: Comfort Win
CYC: Choose Your Color
DB: Discount Booth
DBP: Designer Beauty Products
DC: Designer Cosmetics
DCC: Direct Camera Deals
DD: Dreamy Deals
DJFY: Deals Just For You
DPD: Denmark Prize Draw
DS: Destination Surveys
DSD: Daily Savings Depot
DSI: Department Store Incentive
DW: Designer Wears
EASOU: Gas Eat And Shop On Us
EBG: Easy Budget Gifts
EBP: E-Beauty Products
EBR: e-Bonus Rewards
ECG: E-Consumer Gift
ECNR: ECN Research
ECNTR: Electronics Centre
ED: Electronics Depot
EDAB: eDeals And Bargains
EFG: Every Free Gift
ELCFD: Eat Low Carb Foods Daily
ELS: eLaptop Saver
EMP: eMarket Panel
EP: Exclusive Prizes
EOTP: Eye On The Prize
EOZ: Elite Offer Zone
ERC: e-Research Center
ERCNL: e-Research Council
ERD: E-Rewards Depot
ERI: Exclusive Rewards Info
ES: Eversave
ESC: Election Survey Center
ESP: eShopping Panel
ESRC: Electronics Source
FA: Freebie Ape
FBA: Free Brand Alert
FBG: Free Brand Giveaways
FBP: Free Brand Products
FBS: Free Brand SUrveys
FC: Food Critic
FCB: Favorite Consumer Brands
FDAW: Free Diapers and Wipes
FE: Fair Exchange
FAGC: Free Airline Gift Card
FCR: Fat Cat Rewards
FGA: Free Gift Arena
FF: Fantasy Football
FFG: Fab Fly Gear
FFR: Family Food Rewards
FGCN: Free Gift Cards Now
FMP: Food Market Panel
FP: Fashion Plaza
FPC: Favorite Phone Carrier
FPGifts: Free Pink Gifts
FPGRP: Free Promotion Group
FPO: Free Prize Outlet
FPW: Free Prize World
FRZ: Freezinger
FSP: Free Survey Products
FT: Fashion Trends
FYTT: Fill Your Tank Today
HD: Home Depot
HEP: Home Electronic Products
HR: Holiday Rewards
GA: Games Attack
GAC: Give Away Cafe
GC: Gadget City
GCB: Gift Card Bonanza
GCBNS: Gift Card Bonus
GCD: Gift Card Dot
GCNTR: Gadget Center
GCR: Gift Club Rewards
GCS: Gift Card Surveys
GCSRC: Gamers Console Source
GCSTN: Gift Card Station
GCT: Gift Centre
GD: Gizmo Depot
GED: Great Email Deails
GEASOU: Gas Eat And Shop On Us
GFR: Great Food Restaurant
GG: Generous Genie
GH: Gift House
GHPS: Gamer Hookups
GJ: Gamez Joint
GM: General Mills
GMAT: Get Me A Ticket
GMNKY: Gifting Monkey
GOF: Gift Over Flow
GOR: Great Online Rewards
GOSO: Gift Over Stock Online
GPS: Gift Plus Store
GR: Grabbit Rabbit
GRWDS: Green Rewards
GS: Gift Surplus
GTS: Gift Senders
GTL: Get The Look
GV: Game Vance
GZ: Gift Zone
HFTM: Hunt For The Money
HGG: Hot Gas Grills
HGR: Hot Gift Rewards
HYGR: Holiday Gift Rewards
HGZ: Hot Gift Zone
HNP: Hottest New Phones
HOU: Holiday On Us
HSR: Holiday Shopping Rewards
HTS: Hot Topic Surveys
IBP: Interactive Brand Promos
IBS: Internet Brand Survey
IEP: iExercise Panel
IGG: Internet Giveaway Group
IM: Imperial Majesty
IOG: Internet Opinion Group
IOGifts: Instant Online Gifts
IRC: Internet Reward Center
IRS: Internet Research Surveys
ITCG: ITopConsumerGifts
JD: Joy Desk
JDLS: Jimmy's Deals
JG: Jenkat Games
LH-ES: Live Hat Eversave
JS: Jelly Squirt
LBR: Live Better Rewards
LGS: Lets Go Shopping
LRP: Laptop Review Panel
LRZ: Laptop Reward Zone
LT: Laptop Tracking
MBPD: My Big Pay Day
MC: Moms Club
MCCP: My Cute Candy Phone
MCR: My Consumer Reward
MDC: My Designer Cosmetics
MDW: My Designer Wears
MED: My Electronics Depot
MFLC: MFL-Center
MFR: My Favorite Rewards
MFT: My Free Trip
MGC: My Gadget City
MGCR: My Gift Card Reward
MGCTRE: My Gift Centre
MGR: My Gift Resource
MHFG: Must Have Free Gifts
MHG: My Holiday Gifts
MHSS: My Holiday Shopping Spree
MID: My Insider Deals
MMQ: My Mind Quizzes
MOG: My Online Gifts
MO: My Offers
MOO: My Online Offers
MOR: My Online Rewards
MPG: Mega Promotions Group
MPR: My Premium Rewards
MRC: My Rewards Center
MRCL: Market Research Council
MRCNL: My Reward Channel
MRCTRE: My Rewards Centre
MRG: Market Reward Group
MRO: My Reward Offers
MRT: My Reward Turf
MRV: My Rewards Vault
MS: My Surveys
MSF: My Superb Freebies
MSI: My Survey Incentives
MSR: Mystery Shopping Rewards
MSLR: My Stimulus Rewards
MSS: My Shopping Savings
MWR: My Web Rewards
NCP: National Consumer Panel
NCR: National Cosumer Review
NCS: National Consumer Survey
NDR: Next Day Rewards
NN: Nielsen/Netratings
NNO: National News Opinion
NOP: Nationwide Opinion Panel
NP: Nice Prosper
NRF: Net Reward Flow
NSP: National Survey Panel
NSPI: National Survey Panel Info
NSS: Non Stop Saving
OC: Offers Click
OCG: Online Consumer Gifts
OCS: Online Customer Survey
OCRSRCH: Online Consumer Research
OCRWDS: Online Consumer Rewards
OD: Opinion Direct
ODC: Online Designer Center
OEW: Online Electronic Warehouse
OF: Offer Finders
OFRC: Official Reward Centers
OG: Online Gifts
OGC: Opinion Gift Center
OGCS: Only Gift Cards
OO: Opinion Outpost
OP: Offer Planet
OPS: Online Product Savings
OR: Online Research
ORC: Online Reward Center
ORCTRE: Online Research Centre
ORT: Online Research Trends
ORTLT: Online Retail Trends
OSC: Online Shopping Club
OSP: Official Survey Panel
PA: Prize America
PG: Promotions Gateway
PI: Premio Instantaneo
PL: Popular Living
PLC: Prize Live Click
PMR: Pamper Me Rewards
POT: Prize On Time
PPC: Prize Promotion Center
PPO: Premium Products Online
PPP: Pretty Pink Phone
PR: Permission Research
PRWDS: Product Rewards
PRC: Product Research Centre
PRCB: Premium Rewards Club
PRG: Prize Reward Group
PRI: Product Rewards International
PRZRWD: Prize Rewards
PS: Play Sushi
PSC: Product Survey Center
PSCNTRE: Product Survey Centre
PSP: Public Survey Panel
PTG: Pick The Gift
PTP: Product Test Panel
PV: Prize Venue
PW: Prize Wave
PWAS: Party With A Star
QC: Quick Compare
QH: Quality Health
QJMPR: Quiz Jumper
QJNGL: Quiz Jungle
QM: Quiz Minute
QN: Quiz Nexus
QR: Quiz Rocket
QZWZ: Quizz Wizz
RA: Reward Aisle
RADV: Rewards Advantage
RAG: Real American Giveaways
RAVE: Rewards Avenue
RAZN: Rewards Amazon
RB: Reward Bonanza
RCTRE: Rewards Centre
RFTS: Rewards For Taking Surveys
RGC: Restaurant Gift Cards
RH: Responsive Health
RJR: R J Reynolds
RMD: Riding Mower Depot
RN: Research Now
ROU: Rewards On Us
RQ: Rewards Quiz
RRP: Restaurant Review Panel
RS: Rewards Stars
RYLS: Royal Sweeps
RSC: Retail Survey Center
RWDSC: Reward Survey Center
S2T: Skill 2 Thrill
S4F: Surveys4Fun
SAG: Surveys And Gifts
SAS: Save and Smile
SB: SurveyBoard
SC: StyleCentre
SDR: School Day Rewards
SE: Sweepstakes Everyday
SFA: Surveys For America
SFP: Switzerland Free Prizes
SFR: Simple Free Rewards
SGG: Survey Giveaway Group
SHP: Sky High Prizes
SHRDS: Shopping Rewards
SHPRDS: Shopper Rewards
SHSAC: Shoppers Saving Center
SHSMRT: Shopping Smartly
SMKS: Smoker Surveys
SN: Survey Networks
SNAS: Save Now And Smile
SNL: Slick New Laptops
SOM: Spin Out Mobile
SPRGG: Super Gift Giveaway
SPSUC: Sport Survey Central
SR: Superb Rewards
SRZ: Shoppers Reward Zone
SS: Smarter Shopper
SS-ES: Spark Shark Eversave
SSP: Smart Shopping Panel
SSR: Survey Super Rewards
SST: ShoppingSpreeToday
STYD: Shop Till You Drop
SVSA: Savvy Savings
SVSHP: Savvy Shoppers
SZ: Shop Zilla
TAG: Top American Giveaways
TAO: Take An Offer
TBS: Top Brand Samples
TCB: The Consumer Beat
TCC: The Consumer Centre
TCG: Top Consumer Gifts
TCPC: The Cell Phone Centre
TCR: The Consumer Report
TCS: The Crime Solver
TED: The Electronics Depot
TFIT: The Free IQ Test
TFQS: The Free Quiz Site
TFS: Think Fast Site
TFX: Top Fox
TG: Treasure Giveaways
TGL: The Gift Lot
THG: Todays Hottest Gadgets
TIS: Top Incentive Surveys
TKS: The Knowledge Stop
TLE: Thinnest Laptop Ever
TLS: The Laptop Saver
TNP: The Net Panel
TP: Test Panel
TP4F: Thin Phone 4 Free
TPC: The Prize Center
TQA: The Quiz Addict
TR: Tester Rewards
TRC: The Research Center
TRN: Top Rewards Now
TRP: The Reward Pro
TRZ: Top Reward Zone
TSO: Top Shelf Offers
TSP: The Shopping Plaza
TSQC: The Survey Quiz Center
TSS: Top Secret Surprise
UFG: Ultimate Fashion Gifts
UGZ: Ultimate Gift Zone
UKPD: UK Prize Draw
USP: User Survey Panel
VS: Vincitore Selezionato
VTT: Vegas Trip Today
WBD: Web Brand Deals
WCYB: We Cover Your Bills
WM: Win Moolah
WP: Wow Prizes
WPL: Web Prize Land
WR: Wholesome Rewards
WAYR: Way Rewards
WRC: Web Rewards Central
WS: Winning Surveys
WSHTS: What She Has To Say
WW: WorldWinner
YCC: Your Computer Choice
YGC: Your Gift Cards
YGZ: Your Gift Zone
YHGZ: Your Hot Gift Zone
YOG: Your Online Gifts
YOP: Your Online Prize
YOR: Your Opinion Rewards
YPS: Your Product Samples
YRI: Your Reward Inside
YTB: Your Top Brands
YTO: Your Top Offers
YTR: Your Top Rewards
ZP: Zoom Panel