Offer Guide

Before attempting your first offer, please read the following information to help you complete them correctly:

  • You have to use your own information and not someone else.
  • All of the information you enter while completing an offer must be 100% valid and truthful. Members using fraudulent information will have their accounts suspended and may result in legal action.
  • All email addresses you use need to be created by you and cannot be a disposable email address. You do not have to use the same email address that you used to register with on the site.
  • If an offer requires you to confirm your email address, it must be confirmed. Please note that not all offers may state to confirm your email while it still needs to be confirmed to receive credit.
  • If you complete offers from the same companies (example: ES or MRV), you will need to use different email addresses and clear cookies in between them.
  • Trial offers will automatically go into Under Review once credited by the advertiser. They will remain in Under Review for up to two weeks for fraud prevention. You may not cancel a trial offer as soon as you receive credit for it. Most trial offers have a trial period that you can test or try out the product/service within that time frame. Canceling a trial offer as soon as it credits will in turn cause the offer to be reversed and you would lose any credit earned as well as facing account suspension.
  • If you have completed an offer before on another site, you may not complete it here. Completing the same offer more than once is fraud.
  • Only complete offers that you are genuinely interested in as not all offers are guaranteed to credit.